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Orthodontics for Children and Adults in our Beverly Hills and Encino Orthodontic offices

Welcome to Cosmetic Braces by Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. Sid Molayem. We service the greater Los Angeles area with offices in both Beverly Hills and Encino. Orthodontic treatment is the best way to perfect your smile, bring your teeth into harmony and correct any functional problems with your bite. Many people think that dental braces are only for teenagers, but actually many adults are turning to Dr. Molayem to straighten their teeth. If you're looking for an Invisalign dentist or a Damon braces orthodontist, we've got you covered! Our orthodontist can correct the teeth of children as young as seven years old who need to get braces in order to prevent bigger problems in the future. Dental braces are for everyone, children, teens and adults.

Straight teeth are important for health reasons, not just cosmetic ones.

We all want a beautiful smile and having straight front teeth is a key factor in a beautiful smile. But straight teeth are also important for proper health and function. Our orthodontist will not only give you a beautiful smile, he will also address your bite. If your teeth do not bite properly, you can crack or chip the crown (the part of the tooth that you can see) or even destroy the bone that supports the tooth. Common orthodontic problems that we treat are: over-bite, under-bite, crowding, big spaces, over-jet, open-bite and bottom teeth that are too forward (class III). Oral hygiene is also improved when the teeth are straight because crooked and overlapping teeth are harbors for plaque and bacteria.

Metal braces are common in orthodontic treatment, but aren't the only option to straighten your teeth.

Dr. Molayem and his orthodontic staff, with locations in Los Angeles, offer several different treatments to perfect your smile without the obvious metal showing. Clear braces use brackets that are tooth colored to hold the wire and move your teeth. Invisalign "invisible" braces uses a series of clear plastic trays to move your teeth.

We begin with you in mind...

Dr. Molayem and his staff understand that every patient is unique, with individual needs. You may not notice all of our skills, but you can't help noticing our friendly service and attention to detail. We welcome even the fussiest patients, and we can confidently handle the most fearful children as easily as the most experienced adult. Our goal is to make every visit a good one, and we do everything we can to ensure that your decision to choose us is one you're delighted with.

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